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Xcycling LLC was newly founded in early 2022 aiming to supply a unique type of solution to End-of-Life electronics at every step. The founders of Xcycling possess years of extensive experience in recycling industry and saw the growth in recycling needs of institutions and businesses in rural areas. Evolved from the young minds with great passion in the recycling industry, Xcycling LLC is specialized in providing material recycling and asset recovery services tailored to each customer’s needs. Xcycling LLC is a service oriented company headquartered in the center of city of Dallas Texas and positioned in an emerging market of recycling and asset recovery industry. From reverse logistics to material separation and grading, Xcycling LLC is striving to be the solution you need.
Reverse Logistics
Xcycling provides short to long distance metal and electronics recycling services including onsite material grading, loading and pickup, and transportation from customers’ locations to Xcycling. Our service areas radiate a vast range of Southwest and Southeast states in the US. This solution saves customers time and headache in coordination and increasing cost of today’s logistics.
Material Separation and Grading
With the necessary knowledge and experience, the team members at Xcycling are able to break the electronics material down to the lowest level possible that is economic and environmental in the United States. This solution helps customers to optimize their own recycling process at same time maximize the recovery on material value.
Data Security and Destruction
For many customers, date security has always been one of the most valued needs when handling End-of-Life Electronics waste. Xcycling has placed Data security and destruction as a priority at the core of its competitiveness. A strictly followed process is in place to ensure that all data coming from our customers is safely received, stored, and destructed throughout with a certificate of destruction issued at the end of the process. This solution provides peace of mind as well as a capability in data security that is transferable to our customers in their day to day practices.
R2v3 is an industry-wide accepted certification standard intended for comprehensive best practices in the electronics recycling industry. From proper disposal of hazardous and data sensitive material to standard operating procedures for testing, repairing and re-using, R2v3 ensures the responsible recycling of end-of-life electronics. Xcycling LLC is an R2v3 certified recycler. Our team follows strict guidance when it comes to handling materials in the R2 controlled streams. Stakeholders can always trust with confidence that end-of-life electronics are handled responsibly through Xcycling.
ISO 14001
ISO14001 is the most widely used international standard for environmental management systems. Xcycling LLC is thriving to go above and beyond the requirements highlighted in ISO14001 in terms of environmental management systems. Here at Xcycling a comprehensive management system is designed and implemented to reach environmental goals which are embedded into the daily operation and production activities. Such environmental goals are constantly reviewed by the management team and keep changing facing the ever-challenging environmental impacts happening in today’s world.
ISO 45001
ISO45001 is an international standard for occupational health and safety. The health and safety of our stakeholders, especially our employees, are at the core of the company values of Xcycling LLC. Company policy, comprehensive training, health and safety equipment are implemented and in place at Xcycling to protect and more importantly educate our team on why and how we should reduce and prevent occupational injuries and diseases throughout our operation.
ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is one of the most recognized and respected quality management systems in the world. It sets standards for quality management practices that businesses must follow to achieve certification. Xcycling LLC implements measures according to IS0 9001 for documenting procedures, maintaining records, and continually improving processes to ensure that we are better equipped to meet customer requirements, improve quality, and reduce waste.
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